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Who needs a pick-up line when you can just whip out a sophisticated, cleverly written and stylish business card? Okay, so some people still use lines (and need them), but in the world of networking a business card can go a long way.

Bloggers often attend at least one conference per year. It's the ultimate opportunity to finally meet the person behind the computer screen, "in real life". I've never attended a conference, but I hear they can be a bit overwhelming...if you let it. To eliminate some of your anxiety, create a business card the shows off who you are. When you can't get the words to come out properly, whip open your purse, snatch out a business card, and consider yourself sold. Congratulations, you have just taken the first step on building a relationship that will hopefully result in opportunity, offline friendships, and personal and/or professional growth.

Here are a few things I would consider when creating a business card:

  • What do I want the card to say about me? I'm fun, creative, reserved, silly, etc. Use color and design to help get your point across.
  • What shape, size, or style do I want? Traditional or not? Circular or rectangular? So many decisions.
  • What information do I want to include on my card? Name, address, phone, e-mail, Twitter handle, Facebook page, blog address, etc. There are several options in this area. Decide what's important. Less or more.
  • What kind of picture should I use? You alone, or the kids too. Silly or conservative. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Make a statement. 
  • How many will I need? Are you going to hand out cards to everyone you see or only to those people who you are certain you will keep in touch with. Remember, each business card is money. Don't waste it on someone who seems uninterested.
Are you ready to design your own business cards? If so, you may be able to review a set of 50 for free thanks to Tiny Prints. Just fill out the form found here:

And just so you know, getting "carded" is flattering...both ways.

Tiny Prints provides stylish, modern and unique stationery that cover all your paper needs. You'll find summer party invitations, personalized greeting cards, thank you cardsbusiness cards, and even custom wedding invitations. Come try the easy card personalization, powerful preview engine and top-notch customer service and paper quality for yourself! With Tiny Prints by your side, commemorating every holiday and momentous occasion is a cinch!

Disclosure: I received a gift code from Tiny Prints for participating in this Global Influence campaign. However, I am already a satisfied Tiny Prints customer. I've purchased business cards from them before. The views and opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor.

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