What's in your Trunk? chevygirls

I have a love/hate relationship with my trunk. In my old car, it was the keeper of my possessions, both big and small. In the Chevy Traverse, it is  the keeper of my secrets. Did someone say shoes?

While I haven't been to the mall nearly as much as I use to, I have noticed how many bags and stuff I could house in the trunk of the Traverse.

Trunk Space for all your extra Baggage #chevygirls from Chevy Girls on Vimeo.

By chance, have any of you ever used the trunk to avoid paying that extra person fee at the beach? I haven't. Curious minds wanted to know. #imjustsayin

Disclaimer: The Baltimore Chevy Girls on the Go campaign is being sponsored by Baltimore Area Chevy Dealers. I was given a Chevy Traverse to test drive for one month, as well as gift cards to pay for the documented missions. The views and opinions shared are my own. The excitement is real and I may shed a tear when I return the vehicle back to its owner.

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