Tiny Prints Celebrates Graduation

Graduation Day - May 26, 2006
I thought the first day of preschool would be a breeze. And it was...for Kaden. The staff at the school made sure the transition was smooth for everyone — especially the children. Kaden dropped his backpack on the floor, discovered the Lego station by the stained-glass window, and quickly forgot his parents were in the room. We knew right then, he would be just fine. I wiped the tear that was forming in the corner of my eye before it had the chance to stir up anymore emotions. Both his dad and I waved good-bye as the door shut softly behind us. He was no longer in our care.

As the days added up to weeks and weeks added up to months, I began to let go of the tight grip mothers often form on their children. I realized that Kaden was growing up. There was no turning back. It helped that he seemed to be enjoying himself at school. His excellent reports from the teachers, playful smile when I picked him up at the playground, and colorful drawings pouring from his art folder all supported this notion. I was thrilled he was thrilled. Preschool wasn't so bad after all.

After a Christmas play, a few field trips, school pictures, and a host of other fun activities, graduation day finally arrived. It was a cause for celebration. Kaden had the support of his family in attendance at his graduation. He was use to an entourage, so the overwhelming amount of attendees never bothered him much. Besides, children love attention.

Dressed in blue caps and gowns, the impatient toddlers sat in a few rows of pews on the stage. One by one, the children were called to receive their diplomas and handed a Bible as a gift for their accomplishments. Kaden, surprisingly, posed for pictures as he exited the stage. I'll never forget his expression. 


As a gift to his classmates, I purchased books for each of them. I stumbled upon a super deal at a bookstore and was able to purchase "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" by Hans Wilhelm, at $1 per book. It was a perfect addition to the day since this was a Christian preschool and the children sang this same song at graduation.

I wanted to capture this event through photographs and video. Being the goof that I am, I never pressed record on the video camera, so I never captured any footage. I have a few photographs and the memories etched in my head (for now). But, I know I'll never forget this day.

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