Spacious Trunk and/or Secret Hiding Place?

Shopping is my weakness. It’s an addiction that “runs deep” in the history of our family. Growing up in a household full of women, it was normal to spend the entire Saturday at a yard sale, thrift store, or shopping mall. Most young children would grow exhausted from trekking from store to store. Not me! I loved every minute of it. This may explain why I struggle with creating enough closet space for my clothing and “stuff” as an adult. Hold off on the intervention for now.

If I added up the number of hours I spend in a car versus the number of hours I spend at home (minus sleeping), it would probably be a close match. From soccer practice, to grocery store runs, to everyday errands, I am at one with the highway on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important I have enough space to hold all of the essentials. And by essentials I mean, the shopping bags that I accumulate throughout the day — grocery store, retail store, local market, trash bags, bag lady…you get the point. I won’t have any problem “holding it all together” while I’m driving around town. The Chevy Traverse “provides more space behind the third row – more than any competitor including Toyota Highlander.”

Chevy Traverse trunk
Enough space to "hold it all"
Convenience System
The secret hiding place
Just like a house, it’s always great to have a go-to closet or secret place to hide the fact that you are horrible at organization. You know when guests show up at your front door and the house is a complete mess? Well, the same applies to the car. You can pretend it is neat by stashing your “life” in the trunk. Don’t forget to hide the shoes that you weren’t suppose to purchase in the convenience system area. If you’re clever enough, place a blanket on top of all of your shopping bags. Tell the “detectives” it’s a blanket for a picnic. They will completely buy it…unlike the shoes you wanted.

Now, I need to make some more room to hold all the memories my family and I have created so far. Chevy understands the importance of carrying around precious cargo. There’s enough space to live your life to the fullest. HONK IF YOU LIKE SPACIOUS TRUNKS. Beep! Beep!

Disclaimer: The Baltimore Chevy Girls on the Go campaign is being sponsored by Baltimore Area Chevy Dealers. I was given a Chevy Traverse to test drive for one month, as well as gift cards to pay for the documented missions. The views and opinions shared are my own. The excitement is real and I may shed a tear when I return the vehicle back to its owner.

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