No Trash Lunch {Contest} for a Field Trip

I'm wasted. No, not that wasted. The other one. I like to throw things away (that can't be donated), never giving a second thought about how my trash is contributing to the overall condition of the Earth. I have my moments of clarity when I gather plastic and glass bottles for the recycling bin. I even have a massive reusable bag collection in the trunk when I go to the grocery store. Even then I forget to use them. Although I haven't reached "tree hugger" status, I get it, trust me. I just need a little more time to get there.

Today my son went on a field trip with his classmates to a local wetlands sanctuary. There he will learn about the animals, plants, wetlands, and how he can help reduce harm to his environment. The first lesson started at home. Students were challenged to pack a NO TRASH LUNCH. Each group that visits the wetlands is given the same challenge and competes against the other groups. I think his class has a great chance of winning because Kaden and I managed to pack a lunch with absolutely no trash. I'm sure the other parents managed to do the same. Here is what we packed:

How to pack a NO TRASH LUNCH:

  1. Use containers. I have several around the house, all sizes and all shapes. Surely you can find a couple to fit in a lunch bag.
  2. Reuse. Utensils, bags,, cloth napkins and water bottles are key. You can bring silverware from home (if allowed) and one of the many reusable bags you brought home from a fair of some sorts. And I know everyone owns a water bottle, at least from sports. I found a napkin at the Dollar Tree store for Kaden. We can use it over again and again...after washing it of course. 
  3. Open the Package. Take everything out of the package and put it in a container. Sure you have trash at home, but you can also properly dispose of it and place the packaging in a recycling bin. On field trips, there is a greater risk for littering. Children drop, throw, and incorrectly dispose their items. They know if they do this to your good containers there will be serious consequences. 
  4. Combine like items. On the video, we combined the cookies with the fruit snacks. Kaden suggested this. Children like fun food, so why not add a little crunch to a chewy fruit snack. 
  5. Have fun. Make a game out of packing a NO TRASH LUNCH. Kaden had a blast coming up with ways to combine items, pack, and finding the appropriate containers. We always like a good competition. 
Now we need to work on packing a healthier lunch. Did you get a glimpse of the amount of fruit snacks in the video? Wowsers! I took a few out and some cookies as well. I deposited both in my mouth. Now, there is not only less trash, there is also no evidence.

Can you pack a NO TRASH LUNCH? I dare you!

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