It's Called a Vagina. There, I Said It! #EdenFantasys

This post is actually for everyone. However, YOU may not be allowed to read it. While the topic covered is not explicit, some adults may think this post is not appropriate for a young reader. In other words, skip this post and read another.

Coming up with the perfect name for the family pet can sometimes be a daunting task. Everyone has to agree on one name, it has to have meaning (or not), and fit the personality of the pet. I don't own a pet for this reason alone. I would be too overwhelmed with choosing a name and would probably call my dog "Cat" and my cat "Dog", just for the fun of it all. I'll stick with the pet rock for now.

There is another "pet" that seems to have a few names I can think of— the vagina. As you're reading this post I am quite sure you can come up with five names off the top of your head. Oprah is famous for using the word "va-jay-jay", but I've also heard the names "flower", "cooter", "thing", "womanhood", and countless others that would make you cringe (feel free to leave a comment if you're brave).

What I don't understand is the inability for grown people to utter the word "vagina"? Isn't that what it's called? We always used the word "penis" with Kaden in hopes that he wouldn't think of it as some weird and disgusting word. As a parent, so much time is spent on protecting a child from reality that it becomes easier to sugar-coat certain words or situations. Anatomical terms should not be on this list. At least not for me.

I came across a book on the EdenFantasys site titled, "Vaginas: An Owner's Manual" by Elizabeth Topp and I knew I had to have it (it's in my shopping cart as we speak). The title alone is catchy because we are a society that shies away from this "big, bag wolf" (or beaver). I think we're more comfortable using words that are negatively associated with women (bitch, slut, whore) rather than saying a word that celebrates them. Think of all the vaginas that brought beautiful children into the world. Now do you think it's a dirty word?

Say it with me, "VA-GI-NA". Repeat it 4x and write it 5x. Class dismissed.

Disclosure: I received a gift card from EdenFantasys for writing this post. The opinions and views are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor. 

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