Cirque du Soleil Totem in Baltimore, MD

"The word “totem” contains the idea of the order of species. 
We carry in our bodies the potential of all species, 
all the way to our desire to fly—like the thunderbird at the top of the totem pole."

From the highway I could see the big tent over in Westport. Yellow and blue stripes met the sunlight halfway in the sky. It was a beautiful day in Maryland. So much so that I hardly recognized the stop-and-go traffic that surrounded me on the drive up to Baltimore. Kaden and I were finally going to see Cirque du Soleil —Totem.

After trying my luck at a few giveaways on local websites and failing, I was given the opportunity to experience the show thanks to Cirque du Soleil. I caught the "bug" while I was in Disney for the Dreamers Academy. We were treated to Cirque du Soleil  — La Nouba, and since then I have done nothing but talk about that show.

I promised my family we would attend. If you know anything about the show, you know that the tickets come at a hefty price (the two of us cost just over $200). Due to schedule conflicts and last minute details, Kaden was the only person who had a clear schedule. Lucky for him this was going to be a great night. But he had no clue what was in store. Neither did I for that matter.

Normally when I attend events, I like to take pictures and/or video to document my experience. Cirque du Soleil does not allow the use of either. I remember the staff walking around at the show in Downtown Disney to make sure no one had their camera out. They were really strict about this. To get an idea of what the show is all about, check out the press kit. If you think some of the pictures are amazing, imagine seeing the live show. Here is a video that offers a very small glimpse of the show:

I cannot count how many times Kaden and I shared looks of amazement or said, "wow". I kept saying, "you have got to be kidding me" and "are you serious?" I never really had my questions answered because I could see quite clearly with my own eyes that the performers were real. No magic. No illusions. No tricks up the sleeve. I could barely get pass the idea that the show lacked a net. There was a lot of confidence, or shall I say practice, that must have gone into this production. Totem was out of this world.

There were several elements of the show that I enjoyed. Overall, Totem was entertaining. It was hilarious and we enjoyed the laughter floating under the tent. Having to sit through a long performance with a child can sometimes be a lot of work. Kaden did not complain once. His eyes were fixed on the stage completely. No awkward pauses, no confusion as to what was happening, and no questionable content. He was excited. That alone made my night.

The live music was a pleasure. The placement of the speakers made it feel as though you were right there on the stage. You could even get a glimpse of the band as they played the music. In a few of the acts, there would be a live singer belting out the most beautiful notes. The perfection was unbelievable.

I've heard from time to time that creativity is a form of insanity — and I'm starting to believe it is true. There is nothing normal about this level of imagination. The small details, the over-the-top movements, the obvious, the hidden clues, the music, the costumes, the lighting, the characters, the colors, the whole-freaking-show was insane. And where I'm from, insanity is a good thing. I cannot wait to see what Cirque du Soleil comes up with next.

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL, here we come...

Disclosure: I was provided complimentary tickets to attend this show. The opinions and views are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor. 

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