The Chevy Traverse Makes me #chevygirls

Cool K and the Chevy TraverseCall me cool. More cool. I knew most of the words to Selena Gomez's song, "Who Says", in the car today while picking up my son from school in the Chevy Traverse. I can thank the Radio Disney channel found on XM Radio for that. As I reached for my sunglasses, which were conveniently housed in the storage bin at the center of the dashboard, I glanced at my son sitting in the second-row, passenger-side captain's chair. He giggled slightly when I incorporated a few "original" dance moves to correspond with the catchy chorus. Only this time, he tolerated me. I can thank the wireless headphones streaming audio from the DVD player for sufficiently entertaining him. Just enough to make me appear "human" in his pre-adolescent mind...if only for one second. It was the first time he sat that close to me since the beginning of this adventure. Yes my friends, the Chevy Traverse has features that will make it easier to keep your loved ones close, your enemies closer, and you worthy of the title, "cool".

From grandpa's truck... mommy's Traverse

I should probably mention one other element that may solidify my chances of winning this whole "cool" title. I have significantly decreased my chances of running over my son's bicycle, basketball, skateboard, or a family of rabbits that call our driveway their home. I owe this newly found level of safety and caution to the rearview camera system. Each time I place the Chevy Traverse in reverse (did I just rap?), the screen displays what objects are behind me, providing assistance when I back up. There are motion sensors that detects when an object is close to the rear of the vehicle by beeping. I always cringe when I hear the noise. But I know it's not my kid in harm's way. He's too busy watching a movie with remote in hand, still discretely ignoring me.

Kaden and Pop Pop's Chevy Chevelle
It will take me some time to reach this status. I've had to compete with my son's grandfathers over the years. You see, they both have Chevy pick-up trucks. And to top it off, one of them even has a classic Chevy Chevelle. Had I known sooner that little boys prefer vehicles with huge tires, loud engines, and a Chevy-baring logo, I would have invested awhile ago (Okay, so we all know I can't really afford to do that, but I had fun saying it for now). Instead, I've been given this amazing opportunity to test-drive the Chevy Traverse for one month. One month!! That is a lot of time to "bond" with this machine and persuade my son that soccer moms, or anyone in my opinion, look sensational driving it. It's working so far and I am officially in the running for Cool Mom of the Month. So, step-off grandpas. There's a new Chevy in town.

Disclaimer: The Baltimore Chevy Girls on the Go campaign is being sponsored by Baltimore Area Chevy Dealers. I was given a Chevy Traverse to test drive for one month, as well as gift cards to pay for the documented missions. The views and opinions shared are my own. The excitement is real and I may shed a tear when I return the vehicle back to its rightful owner.

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