Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls)

B for Beyoncé, or bitch, because she's a bad one. I mean that in a positive way. Whether I cringe at the sound of Beyoncé's voice or choice of words during an interview or marvel at her ability to 'werk' a crowd like no other, I've always been a fan. Her latest song, "Run The World (Girls)", has taken some time to get use to. With the video fresh off a world premiere last night, I can tell you that I will have no problem playing the track over and over again...for the dance moves of course. Did you peep the opening dance sequence (starts at :49)? How hot is that?

I have two words- GIRL POWER...and maybe a GYM MEMBERSHIP. Okay, that's four words, but who's counting?

Like her or not, don't tell me you won't be testing out these moves in the privacy of your home. Please don't go all Sasha Fierce when you're out on the town. We're not ready quite yet.

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