The Old Navy Style Council: Spring Dress #StyledByOldNavy

I love dresses. They're simple, fun, and fashionable. I love a dress even more when the price is affordable. In this case, the dress was FREE.

Before you head down to your local Old Navy thinking there is going to be some huge giveaway of dresses, I should let you know I was given this opportunity. As a member of Crowdtap and the Old Navy Style Council, I was able to shop for a dress AND give 3 coupons to my family and friends to do the same. No one turned down this deal.

The good news is, Old Navy is having a wonderful sale on their dresses...for the entire family. You don't have to spend a fortune to look fashionable. Trust me, I know.

As I entered the store at my local Old Navy, there were mannequins to greet me. Each one of them was wearing a dress. How appropriate?! I waved, they smiled, and I headed to the dress section. I honestly feel like they are my friends. 

I love these guys...I mean gals.

I spotted several dresses.

Before visiting the store, I already knew what dress I wanted by checking out the website. I selected the Women's Tiered Jersey Halter Dress in Jurassic Green. I figured it would go with more items because it was a neutral color.

I love the Warm Sunset color, but I opted for the Jurassic Green.
Of course I had to check the clearance rack for great deals. I found a purse that would look great with my bag and a pair of faux fur boots for only $1.47. I purchased the boots just for kicks. You get it, kicks?! Ha!

I made my way to the register. I noticed all the fun spring and Easter items by the checkout.

I handed the cashier my coupon, she scanned my dress, the boots, and the coupon. My total was only $1.56. Now that's extreme couponing.

I have yet to see what my cousin, mother, and best friend have purchased. We are all frequent shoppers at Old Navy, so it's quite possible we'll have the same dress. No worries though. There are several ways to make a dress unique by adding your style to it. Take a look at a video I made showing how to accessorize:

See, you can be unique.

Let's just say I had a blast creating all these looks with items I already had in my closet.

How will you wear your Old Navy dress? The possibilities are endless.

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary coupon for an Old Navy dress thanks to my involvement in Crowdtap. The opinions and views expressed are my own. The wonderful video and photos are all done by my son...he's 9. Enough said.

To find out how you can have this same opportunity, join Crowdtap now:


  1. This was such a great video and I just wanted to say that I think that your son did a great job!!!!

  2. @Lynnzee Thanks. He was amazing. He complained the whole time, but the end result was worth it. He's hired!

  3. I just love how you accessorized your dress to create different outfits! I too LOVE sundresses, but tend not to wear them to work. However, if I played with different shrugs and blouses overtop as you did, I could totally pull it off! Thanks!


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