First Lady Michelle Obama and Beyoncé Let's Move! Campaign

They say laughter is the best medicine. I think dancing is too. Whether you're a professional, amateur, uncoordinated, or just want to have fun, dancing is a great way to burn calories.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Beyonce have teamed up in a campaign titled, "Let's Move". It is their mission to fight childhood obesity and to promote movement. Cleverly choreographed to Beyonce's chart-topping single "Get Me Bodied", this workout includes no shortage of popular movements and catchy lyrics.

Take a look at a few dancers performing the workout routine:

I have the pleasure of having a family who loves to dance...on all sides. Believe me, I have footage, but I value my life. 

I love that this workout is relevant to today's youth. It's not stuffy and boring. Besides, everyone can benefit from a little exercise. 

If I can round up a few children (or maybe my girls), we may post a video of us doing the Let's Movie workout routine. 

What are you waiting for? Let's Move!!

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