Did Some BUNNY say EdenFantasys?

This post is for a mature audience. I'd hate to define "mature", but let's go with 18+. While the topic covered is not explicit, some of the products mentioned are not be appropriate for a young reader. In other words, skip this post and read another. 

Have you ever noticed the amount of adult toys that include the word "bunny"? It's okay if you don't want to admit it. You're probably too busy going over all the products in your head as you read this post. Don't let me interrupt.

While I'm sure Easter and adult toys in no way go hand in hand, I couldn't help but giggle at the thought of gifting a friend a basket full of treats from EdenFantasys. You're responsible for the chocolate, eggs, and grass. The fun will be surely provided.

I did a search of the word "bunny" and came up with 65 products. So that means you have a lot options to fill a basket. So hop on over to EdenFantasys now and make some BUNNY happy this month. You may even get that ring you've always wanted. The one with all the "carrots". LOL! I couldn't resist.

Disclosure: I received a gift card for writing this post. The opinions and views are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor. 

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