Tiny Prints, Big Impressions for Mother's Day

Just the other day I came across a stack of old greeting cards. The themes varied from birthday to Christmas to Easter to Mother's Day. In an attempt to remove clutter and give spring cleaning a try, I thought about throwing the greeting cards in the trash can. I convinced myself that the memories would remain in my head and heart, so it was okay to let them go. Today, they are still in the same spot — unharmed, intact, and filled with memories.

My mother, and other influential women in my life, have always taught me to enjoy motherhood. It flies by in no time, so you better take a moment to appreciate it all; doctor's visits, field trips, sports, bruises, laughs, joy, and pain. Find a way to hold onto the memories before they slip through the cracks of your hand. You'll eventually have to let go. I'm beginning to think this is the reason why I just can't get rid of my greeting cards. I need something tangible to keep.

Years ago, my son and I would come up with clever ways to send greetings to our family and friends. The cards for purchase in the store weren't personal enough and didn't always relay the message we were trying to send. We often crafted our own greeting cards using materials around the house. You can never go wrong with a personal touch. We used video too. Even then, I couldn't get him to sit still long enough to capture the message.

Those days are long gone. Never again will I be able to get my tween to sit in front of the camera and say, "Happy Mother's Day" or blow a kiss to the camera. He's just too cool for that. I have discovered new ways of making this special day with personal items like Tiny Prints Mother's Day Cards.

We offer Mothers Day greeting cards for all sorts of moms – mom friends, moms, mothers-in-law… You want to tell her she’s doing a great job as a mom or thank her for being there for you? We have the card for it!

I created 30th birthday invitations using the Tiny Prints site a couple of months ago. I was very impressed with the quality, fast shipping, and options to personalize. I would recommend you visit this site if you're looking for a unique way to say, "Happy Mother's Day". After all, the thought to throw a card so precious in the trash would never cross anyone's mind.

Disclosure: I received a gift code from Tiny Prints for participating in this Global Influence campaign. However, I am already a satisfied Tiny Prints customer. The views and opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor.

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