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My best friends and I love going to the movie theater. It use to be a monthly thing, preceded by a chatter-filled dinner at a nearby restaurant. We would catch up on life, love, and family. And of course shopping would sneak its way into the conversation. We also used it as an excuse to get out of the house, away from the monotonous routine we follow as mothers.

The last few months have been a bit different. It has been awhile since we've sat in a dark theater, invested in a bucket of popcorn, and voiced our disapproval of a scene by yelling at the movie screen. Life just gets hectic occasionally and time magically slips away. Thank goodness for movie rentals like those provided by redbox. They are convenient, affordable, and a great deal.

The only thing better than $1 a night movies – free movies! Lucky you, redbox is giving everyone the chance to score free movie credits now through St. Patrick’s Day during the redbox Lucky to Have Friends Like You promotion. Rental credits are valid for ten (10) days after they’ve been deposited into your account.

Here’s How it Works:

o Redbox will email you a unique web address
o Every time someone reserves a movie online through your unique web address, you’ll receive a credit for a free one-night DVD rental
o If it is their first time reserving online, they’ll also receive a credit for a free one night rental
o Spread the luck! Email it, post it to Facebook, Tweet about it

Every time someone reserves a movie online through my unique web address, I’ll receive a credit for a free one-night DVD rental. So, instead of missing an opportunity to spend time with all of my wonderful friends, we can have a movie night in. You help me and I'll help you. Everyone wins.

Click on this link to get started:

I have rented quite a few movies from redbox. There always seems to be a code to redeem for a free rental and a lot of the times I don't even pay. My most recent purchase was last week when I rented a few DVDs for my sick son. The movies came in handy while he was stuck in bed with a virus. It was nice to walk by his room and hear a chuckle or two as he watched his favorite movie. Sometimes they can really get you through the day, or, help you get lost in the moment for 2 hours.

What's on your list of movies to see? What recent movies have you rented from redbox? At $1 a night, you can pick a movie up each night. Go ahead, make your day!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am participating in a campaign for Global Influence. The opinions and views expressed are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor. 

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