Reach for the Sky

Call me a believer, but every now and then I find a tiny opening in the sky with a slight glimmer of hope peeping through. Hope, in the form of sunlight, that illuminates a completely cloudy and gloomy sky. Some may call it a tease during a dismal, thirty degree day. I call it optimism, a message from my angels that everything is just lovely up there.

Oh how I wish I could reach for the sky...touch it...peek my head through the clouds and spy on everyoneWatch them as they dance in all their glory and bask in a newfound paradise. 

Instead, I am grounded here on Earth, tilting my head back to the point where my neck begins to beg for mercy. From where I'm standing it's almost as if I can pinch this hole of hopefulness with my fingers. I'd pull it from the sky, tuck it in my pocket, and save it for a rainy day. Although, since you left us, the days have been just a little more brighter than normal. Like the ray of sunshine that trailed your every move as a child and an adult.

Being surrounded by family, growing up in a small house with lots of love, and living life under an umbrella of innocence are etched safely in my heart. The memories are vivid. We achieved most of them outdoors; flying kites in the field, climbing fruit trees, riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes, and soaring high on backyard swing sets. The wind blowing soft kisses across our cheeks and the sun piercing our eyes with its rays of light. I miss those days.

Some things you never outgrow — memories, a parent's love, and definitely a swing set. The only advice I have is that you remember to enjoy each moment you spend in the air. And, if you are ever lucky enough to get close to paradise, reach for the sky.

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