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I attended the Elmer's Glue 'N Glitter Immersion in Ft. Lauderdale from January 17 through January 19. Someday, I'll post about my experience. I've managed to carry the slacker side of me over into the new year. I DID, however, capture a beautiful moment of the 6 bloggers selected to attend the event. My picture was not as vibrant or of high-quality as my roommates, so she was nice enough to share her picture with me. Here it is:

L to R: Me, Kim, Naomi (front), Mel (back), Tonya,  Alicia
The picture alone is beautiful. Anytime you have palm trees as your backdrop there is no way you can lose. I decided to make a nature-inspired photo frame to house this picture. It was simple, but required a lot of patience and time (I was snowed in, so I had a lot of both).

I created this:

Here is what I used to make a Nature-Inspired Memory Making Frame:

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