Don't Wake Me...I'm Dreaming about Disney

(If I wanted to set this post to some music, Christopher Williams has the perfect song. Que the music.
Before I lose you completely, may I suggest you Google “Dreamin” or search for the video on Did you find it?...Good!)

I receive a lot of emails each day. With three separate accounts - one for business, one for pleasure, and one I’ve had for ages - reading each message with clarity (and enthusiasm) can be a bit overwhelming. I have overlooked important information and missed out on plenty of opportunities because of this (and the infamous SPAM folder). On a few, rare occasions I stumble across delightful emails, ones that peek my interest and leave me baffled as to why it was sent to me. This happened the other day.

While checking my “business” email (I laughed while reading that too), I came across a rather interesting subject line. It read, “Are You Ready to Dream?” and was sent by Laura Spencer. To you that may just be another name. To me "Laura" meant magic, excitement, and most of all, DISNEY. Let me spell that out for you - M, I, C…K, E, Y…M, O, U, S, Eeeeeeee. (So spelling isn’t my strong suit, but I AM a pro at jumping for joy).

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura at a previous event hosted by MomSelect at Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington, D.C. We had only “met” online through sporadic tweets and mutual followers, but had never spoken to one another. I knew Laura held the title of "Social Media Manager for Walt Disney World Parks", but I also knew, first and foremost, that she was a fan of all things Disney. I was eager to learn about her experiences.

That night, I sat next to Laura, along with a few other area bloggers. We talked, we laughed, talked some more, and Laura shared her passion for and dedication to Disney. Somewhere in between my consumption of an alcoholic beverage and devouring a Maryland crab cake, I found the courage to blurt out the words “I’ve never been to Disney before”. GULP! There...I said it.

I am sure Laura cringed at the sound of the words, but she didn’t make me feel bad about my statement. Instead she responded with a simple, “We’ve got to get you there.” By the end of our conversations over dinner, she confirmed exactly why she was chosen to work for the friendliest place on Earth.

Fast forward a few months later. The Disney Social Media Moms conference was all the buzz. I was pumped at the idea that I may finally be able to take my family on a vacation to Disney for a super-low, unbeatable price. But, as fate would have it, I could not afford to go when registration opened. Instead, I watched as hundreds of people successfully registered and waited for their fate. It just wasn't my time. I moved on.

You know that they say about pixie dust - it’s something special alright. I probably sneezed when I opened my email the other day. Someone had definitely sprinkled a bit of magic. I read the lines over and over again, something about “Dreamers” and “Disney” and “invited” and “you”. A lot of it was a blur.

Photo courtesy of Disney

For six days, I will experience the magic of Walt Disney World Parks in Orlando, FL. Most of those days are reserved for the Disney's Dreamers Academy activities. Steve Harvey and Essence magazine are supporters of the event. I’ll try my hardest to capture the moment so that I can return home with lots of great information. It’s going to be pretty hard to soak it all in.

I’ve been on this Earth for thirty years now and still I discover something new each day. Not once have I ever taken my journey of discovery for granted. I’m just a small-town girl who dreams, not only at night, but everyday I live to see. At any given moment, feel free to pinch me though.

Disclosure: There is no monetary compensation for writing this post. I will receive an all-expense paid trip to Walt Disney World Parks thanks to Disney. My excitement is purely genuine. The views and opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor.

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  1. Yay! I am so excited for you!!! Can't wait to read your post (probably plural!!) when you return!!! What a blessing!!!!! :-)

  2. This is so exciting! I can't wait to see all your pics when you get back....I'll be stalking you on Whrrl.:):)


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