I'm My OWN Worst Enemy

You've probably heard about OWN: the new Oprah Winfrey Network by now. If not, you will AND where have you been hiding again?! It's Oprah peopleOWN premiered on January 1, 2011. It was the perfect way to begin the New Year — starting fresh and owning your destiny. Besides, television programming needed a jolt, a pick-me-up, and OWN was the perfect way to do just that.

So, what does the word "OWN" or "owning" mean to me?! Well, let me start with the opposite end of the spectrum first.

Pink is one of my favorite artists. It may be the grit in her voice, her I-dont-care-what-you-think attitude, or the obvious fact that she is amazingly talented. There is hardly ever a song she releases that gets the thumbs down from me. With that being said, I love the song "Don't Let Me Get Me" by Pink. In this song, she shares feelings of self-hatred and how she is her own worst enemy (see, there is that word again. I suspect I'll be using it quite frequently in this post). Pink sings:

Don't let me get me
I'm my own worst enemy
Its bad when you annoy yourself
So irritating
Don't wanna be my friend no more
I wanna be somebody else

It's really a great message and true if you take the time to reflect on the lyrics. The fact is, we all are our biggest critics. And if you're anything like me you don't handle compliments well at all.

Someone: "Hey you look great today!"
Me: "Thank you. I showered today. It's probably this shirt covering my muffin top too. But, thanks."
Someone: "Oh don't be silly. You don't have a muffin top. I was simply admiring how put-together you were. That's all. Don't be so hard on yourself."
Me: "I know. I'll try. Thanks again."

I have several instances of this conversation. I could go on for days about all the things I hate about myself, but that would be taking the easy way out. How's about I try OWNing up to why I am the way I am? That would be a wonderful start.

I need to OWN the fact that I do not exercise regularly. That would explain my weight gain and being out of breath.

I need to OWN the fact that I am unorganized. That would explain why I cannot locate important items when needed and why it gets so chaotic at home most times.

I need to OWN the fact that I am a quitter. That would explain why my long list of "to-dos" keeps growing and I never cross any major goals off the list.

I need to OWN the fact that I am moody. That would explain why some find it hard to approach me and some of my relationships suffer because of it.

I am going to work on handling my OWN. With so many odds against me already, it would be nice to have ME in my corner. Who else knows me better?! Also, "who gon check me boo?" (thanks Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta).

I think OWN will bring great entertainment to homes across the country. Will you be watching? I will...just as soon as I OWN some cable, lol!!

Here are a few Key Shows that have aired and that you don't want to miss:

  • "Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes" - an inside look of the making of the farewell season of "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Premiered Saturday, January 1st 8/7c

  • "Ask Oprah’s All Stars" - featuring Suze Orman, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz answering your questions. Premiered Sunday, January 2nd 8/7c

  • "Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star" - Series Premieres TODAY Friday, January 7th 9/8c

  • Disclosure: Compensation provided: (none, I was able to check-out an early episode of OWN). Opportunity given thanks to: (SheSpeaks (member) and OWNSM).Opinions and views expressed are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor(s).

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