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Let me guess, your New Year's Resolution is to lose weight, go on a diet, eat healthier, exercise more, or all of the above, right?! They are the most popular resolutions made, and broken, by people all over the world. It seems to me that it would be much easier to say you don't want to accomplish any of the items mentioned just to say, "I DID IT!!" Still, we all manage to add the pressure of getting into shape to the list every.single.year. Why? I don't you?

In life I've discovered that it is much easier to achieve your goals when you have a plan and support. These are two, key items to tackling the moments when you want to give-up. The plan could be as simple as writing your goals on a piece of paper, and the support can come from a friend (in real life or online), website, or book. Whatever methods you choose, never think that you are alone.

Over the holidays, I was sent a copy Cinch! to read thanks to One2One Network. The book debuted on December 28, but I was well into it by that time. It was probably right after I gulped down a piece, or two, of pie. I would soon learn from my readings that food and emotions go hand and hand. So, my pie was somewhat justified. It comforted me. But, that still didn't make it right.

About Cinch!:

Cynthia Sass, the creator and co-author of the 
New York Times Bestselling Flat Belly Diet 
presents her new break-through, 
30-day weight loss program Cinch! targeted to
 end overeating, leaving dieters feeling full 
and satisfied while enjoying the best food 
combinations to burn fat and boost metabolism.

I'll admit that I started reading the book with a lot of skepticism. I have seen several of its kind — lose weight, take off the pounds, kick those bad habits, etc. — so I needed a lot of convincing before I was sold. I think there were a few parts of the book that made me more optimistic. They included:
  • Wonderful recipes - Not a lot of stuffy, yucky recipes that would make you want to cheat on your diet. They were exciting, made of a diverse amount of ingredients, and offered options (breakfast, beverages, lunch, dinner, snacks). My favorites were Chocolate Pear Ginger Smoothie, Cranberry Parmesan Herbed Popcorn, and Cinch! Caesar salad
  • Thorough Explanations - I love Chapter 8 a lot. It is titled, "Conquer Emotional Eating. Considering we all are emotional, this chapter is for everyone. There was even a great FOOD and FEELINGs GRID to use as a guide. This is a great tool.
  • FAQs - Sometimes we read a book and miss important information. We are often left with questions and immediately go searching for them. Chapter 10 answers frequently asked questions. From beauty to grocery shopping to personal health, the answers are all right there. 
I am not the most consistent when it comes to weight loss and dieting, so I will not make a promise that I can't keep. I can offer this: I will TRY to be a healthier me. My 30th birthday is approaching and I think that alone warrants a little effort. I want to be around for as long as I can. Besides, I got on the scale the other day and this is what it read:

I could blame a few of those pounds on the fur on my boots, but we all know that my love-hate relationship with fast food is a major culprit. Darn you dollar menu!

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Disclosure: Product provided (copy of book Cinch!). Opportunity given thanks to: One2One Network. Opinions and views expressed are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor(s).

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