I've Been BARred

It was my own doing. I wasn't taken out in handcuffs. I didn't break a bottle over someones head {doesn't mean I never felt like it}. And I never took a {in my Carrie Underwood voice}"Louisville Slugger to both headlights" in the parking lot .

I simply meant that I've changed the scenery a bit.

Now, my idea of going out consists of spending time with my family and friends. We usually settle on T.G.I.Friday's because they insists on sending us coupons every week. And I should mention the fact that they are the only restaurant that will tolerate our endless cackling, off-the-wall request, and failure to comply with the noise ordinance.

If we keep this up, we'll be purchasing our own home bar furniture and  making it a Girls Night In, which is completely okay with me.

So, when is it the appropriate time to stop going to a bar? I'm not sure there is one right answer. I think when the word "mom" is added to the equation, the margarita hits the fan. It has the same feel as when is the appropriate time to stop wearing a mini skirt. Now that's something you won't have to worry about with me. Any article of clothing that includes the word "mini" is surely meant for someone who has actually been inside a gym, not one who has circled around in its parking lot. I'm working on it. Geez!

It appears to be a double standard, as with most things in life, when it comes to mothers going out. You probably won't see me re-enacting a scene from Coyote Ugly {although there may be footage of that somewhere}, but you also won't catch me hiding out for fear of being seen.

Why? Well, let me tell  you.
Yes, moms drink beer...responsibly. 
  • I have a natural high, if you will. Sure, I can kick back a beer or 2, but my personality is usually great enough that I don't need alcohol to gain friends. 
  • I can't hold liquor. Just ask my friends and family. I'm always complaining that my veins hurt. I always schedule a visit to the bathroom. Toilet meet face. Face meet toilet. 
  • I'll be the designated driver if necessary. Nothing says friend like watching everyone have a ball while you sip on  a...Coke soda. That's what friends are for, right?!
  • I've uploaded embarrassing pictures. You know what they say, "once it's on the web, it's forever". I'm not nude, so don't be alarmed. I'd have to change this point to "I've uploaded frightening pictures" if that were the case. Seek {Google} and you may find me over the limit. It happens. We all have rough days. Thank goodness I'm pass that stage. 
  • I'm of age. I've been 21 since, well, since my 21st birthday. The law says I am allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, responsibly. For the most part, I have. And I will continue to enjoy my freedoms, rights, and privileges as a citizen of the U-S of A. Holla!
The only place I've been BARRED from are the places in which I choose not to visit. I usually have a pretty good idea if I should make a U-turn the moment I pull up to a location. 

I guess what I'm trying to say it, don't judge a person by the cup their holding in their hand. Whether it be red {the universal color of a cup with an alcoholic beverage in it} or a sippy cup, it doesn't change who the person is holding it. Okay, so maybe they are a little 'altered', but it's the same heart underneath that newly-purchased, beer-soaked blouse. 

I'm a mom, and yes, sometimes I enjoy a drink. This is my confession.

Oh, and just out of curiosity, what type of bar stool are you? Visit CSN Stores for more options. 

Disclosure: There was no monetary compensation for writing this post. I was provided a promotional code to redeem on the CSN Stores website as a CSN Preferred Blogger. All opinions and views expresses are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor.

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  1. I've actually never read your blog before Keonte'. I really love this post. I struggle with this in my own life. I love to go out and have a good time. I've often faced criticism because of it. Yeah... I'm a Mom and I like to let loose now and then. So what? I'm still the same responsible adult. And I totally agree with you line about not judging a person by the cup they are holding. My FaceBook pictures have been picked apart by too many Nosey Nancy's. Get over it people... stop trying to pin me for something silly. I'm a mom, I'm a blogger, I'm a friend, and I am still me.

  2. @Kelly Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

    This is something I struggle with a lot. I'll be 30 in a 2 months (gasp) and I don't think that means it's time for me to slow it down. There's a way to go about doing everything in life. If I want a beer or a drink, I'll have it. If I pour a beer or drink over someone's head, then let me "have it"...an earful.

    I know who I am. Yes, I am a mother, but I'm also a human. A human who, on occasion, needs to celebrate life's ups, downs, and in betweens. I say we toast to that.


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