#Coldstone Creamery Hot Cocoa Mix

Cold Stone Creamery, not to be confused with Stone Cold Steve Austin, is going to warm your heart this winter season. That’s right, Cold Stone Creamery has it’s own hot cocoa mix for your drinking pleasure.

I recently had a chance to go shopping for some #Coldstone hot cocoa mix at my local Walmart stores. With money in hand and a task to complete, I had the perfect recipient in mind when I began shopping. I decided to make a gift basket for my son’s teacher. She seems to be “warming his heart” this school year. I’ve noticed some of his best work over the last few months he’s been in her class. Here is what I purchased and how I assembled a basket especially for her:

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My initial thought was to make several tiny baskets for a few of the faculty and staff at my son’s school who I torture with my phone calls make a huge difference in his life. Once I started making a list, and checking it twice, I realized the list was getting a little out of hand. I finally decided that one, huge, and fabulous basket for his teacher would be sufficient enough. Here is what I put in her “Warm the Heart” basket:

  • 1 box of Cold Stone Dark Chocolate hot cocoa
  • 1 box of Cold Stone 70 Calories hot cocoa
  • 1 box of Cold Stone Regular hot cocoa
  • 1 mug
  • 2 DVDs (Dreamgirls and Rent)
  • 2 packages of Ferrero Rocher chocolate candies
  • 1 box of mint sticks (left in the store by accident)
  • 1 package of Sweet Stripes mints
  • 2 Glade candles
  • 2 mini candles
  • 1 tin of Danish Butter cookies
  • 1 fleece blanket
  • 1 greeting card
  • 1 coupon for FREE Progresso soup
  • 1 coupon for FREE Renuzit deodorizer
  • Lots of love!
I read the back of the hot cocoa mix box. It looks like I could add whipped creme, sprinkles, and coffee to this basket. There were several great ideas and recipes included.

I love baskets during the holidays. They are easy to make and you can personalize them to meet the needs of the person who will receive it. It's easy to add up the cost, so make sure the items you include add value to the basket. It's not about quantitiy, but quallity. Also, when the items are taken out, you can reuse the basket over and over again. See, baskets are the gift that keep on giving.

I snagged three boxes of Cold Stone hot cocoa - Dark Chocolate, 70 Calories, and Regular. Each box comes with 8- oz. individual packets. It was amazing to see the difference in weight between the regular box and the marshmallow box. I guess it’s all that added flavor.

I included an additional bag of marshmallows, French vanilla to be exact. I thought this would make a nice treat for a cup of already flavorful hot cocoa. As mentioned in my Whrrl story, I had no clue there were strawberry marshmallows. I didn’t want to go too extreme, so I kept my flavor more basic.

Cold Stone hot cocoa is sure to be a great treat for everyone. You can share it with children and add fun by using a mint stick to stir. You can snuggle up on the couch while watching a great movie with a warm cup of cocoa in hand. You can also enjoy conversation over a cup of cocoa and cookies when your friends come over. The possibilities are endless.

I’m fortunate that Kaden is an honor roll student and doesn’t need to bribe the teacher with fancy gifts to secure an “A”. If he grades weren’t the best, I’d surely include a little ‘spirits’ in her basket to add to hot cocoa. Oh, don’t get your marshmallows all melted. I’m only kidding. Relax yourself…with a cup of Cold Stone hot cocoa preferably.

Right now, there is a $1.00 off coupon of the already low price of their hot cocoa. At my local Walmart, Cold Stone hot cocoa is priced at $1.98. Use your coupon and you can purchase a box for just under $1.00. That’s a steal. You should probably grab a few boxes at that price.

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Disclosure: I was compensated for my time and provided money to purchase the product thanks to Collective Bias. The views and opinions expresses are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor.

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