Sister, Sister Part 2 and #DisneySMMoms

Mariah adores her little sister Iyana...a little too much at times. She barely lets her walk, coaches her on what to say, and talks to Iyana as if she gave birth to her. But we all know that's impossible (I'm sure Jerry Springer has a show in his archives to prove me wrong).

Awhile back, I shared footage of the two sisters. They are so adorable together. This Halloween, I couldn't help but feel the same way. Look at how cute they are in their costumes.

Iyana is SuperGirl and Mariah is Snow White. That brings me to my next topic. DisneySMMoms!

If you've been under a rock, or under the covers because the weather has finally decided it's done being nice, you have missed all the tweets about this amazing conference. It is held at Disney World in Florida and combines social media with the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Disney Social Media Moms conference is a highly sought-after event due to the unbelievable affordability to attend. Last year, a family of four could attend the event for under $400. That can barely get you a night's stay for a family of four in most places.

What makes the conference so fabulous is the women behind it. Disney Social Media Moms is made possible because of Resourceful Mommy Media,  Mom Bloggers Club, Mom Select, 5 Minutes for Mom, and of course, Walt Disney World.

Everyone is buzzing a little louder than normal because a little birdie tweeted that registration for the conference, which will undoubtedly sell out quickly, is scheduled to open mid to late November. So, the cyberstalking has begun.

If we happen to hit the lottery from now until the registration opens, then I may consider releasing a bit of excitement. It is just not financially possible for us to attend. And believe me, I've thought about selling a kidney (uhhhhh, no I didn't people). Kaden has never flown on a plane and from what I hear (from the children whom he attends school with), that is so "weird" to have never been on a plane. Freakin' bullies!

Besides wanting to fulfill my son's dream of flying on an airplane (as if my driving wasn't exciting enough), I would enjoy this event as well. Meeting new people, listening to wonderful conference speakers, skipping the line (can you say "FASTPASS"), and vacationing with the family are on my list of things to do.

I'm not one for hoping and wishing, but if you see a little of it floating around, grab me a bit.

Besides, Disney could use this cute, little face trotting around in its park ->

For updates on this conference, be sure to follow @DisneySMMoms on Twitter.

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