I'm a Dial Healthier You Member

I'm a Dial NutriSkin Member!

I am always into something — whether good or bad — and most of the time it pays off nicely. Just the other day I checked my email (something I do more often than any normal person should) and there was  a message stating I had been selected as "one of only 100 people from across the country to join the elite Dial® Healthier You Member Program."

I was more than excited, but also a bit confused. One, I didn't remember signing up for this. Then I remembered it was a few months ago and that I have a horrible long-term memory (or memory in general). I believe the information for sign-up was sent to me by the Purex Insiders team, of which I am also a member. Two, only 100 people were selected. I'm not sure how many submitted an application, but there has to be some mistake as to why I was selected. WE WANT A RECOUNT!

If you'll notice, the word "healthier" is included in the title. Those of you who know me — virtually or in real life — will probably question just how I can represent anything related to health. Normally I'd tell you to "stop hating" and "move on to something more important" like reading more posts on my blog, but I've decided that a "healthier" attitude fits perfectly into this program.

The Dial Healthier You program not only focus on skin, but it focuses on ways in which we can change the way we eat, work, play, and live in general. We are promoting positive change.

Over the next 4 weeks or so, I, along with 99 other members, will share our journey in our Dial Diaries through photographs, videos, and maybe even blog posts. And for our efforts, 1 lucky member will be chosen to win a spa trip to the Canyon Ranch resort! That should be incentive enough.

To me, a healthier lifestyle is:
  • a strong relationship with God
  • eating balanced meals
  • exercising
  • being positive
  • getting rid of clutter
  • giving back, helping out
  • taking care of YOU
I'm not quite sure where this journey is going to take me. I only know I want to go on it. I'm going to start by walking off the donut I ate this morning at my son's school. Hey, don't judge me. It was the theme of the event. I haven't officially begun.

Wish me luck!

Disclosure: I am a Dial NutriSkin Healthier You member. I have the chance to win an trip to the Canyon Ranch Resort for participating in this program. The opinions and views expressed are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor(s).


  1. I'm also a Healthier You Member, and I was surprised to be picked also. So nice to meet you.

    I love your list of what a healthier lifestyle is to you. I agree with each point!


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