eLabels for Education

Register your supermarket card. Purchase eligible items. Earn points for your school. Redeem them for educational resources. Easy enough, right?!

Now Labels for Education has made it more easy to earn points for a school (up to 3) of your choice. Points are automatically updated on the computer once you purchase the items that are on the list. Labels for Education has gone electronic, and now includes eLabels for education. This is a virtual dream. No clipping. No mess. No sending into school. All the work is done for you.

About Labels for Education (from their site):
Since 1973, Labels for Education has been committed to helping America's families support education and schools. Collecting UPC's to exchange for tools and equipment that support youth based enrichment programs helps nurture children's lives through the arts, athletics, and academics. During this time, over $110 million worth of educational merchandise has been awarded to schools across the country.
Tell grandparents, friends, and neighbors to register their shopper's reward card and designate a school to earn the points. You can redeem them for a variety of items.

Check out my story on Whrrl that includes my shopping trip for products baring the Labels for Education points.

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