Dial Diaries: Week 1

As I mentioned before, I was selected as 1 of 100 people to be a member of the Dial NutriSkin Healthier You program.

Each week, we are given challenges and put to the test to see if we can kick our old habits and create newer, healthier ones. I'll be the first to admit, but surely not the only one, that being healthy is hard work. You have to want it, work at it, and remain consistent. These are all tasks I struggle with on a daily basis.

Week 1 prompted members to eat SKIN HEALTHY FOODS. If I had to pick one week not to start this program, it would be this week. The holidays are when most people like to indulge in foods and desserts that were once taken off of their list of favorite foods. It was nearly impossible to meet this challenge.

I found out that on my journey to becoming healthier, I do not necessarily have to do it all. Baby steps seem to work even in my adult life.

I decided to stop drinking these:

Yes, I purchase all these!

and I decided to drink more water.

My face is full of blemishes, bumps, and flaws. In fact, let me show you (make sure the children aren't near the computer...this is frightening):

Okay, so I'm not ready to reveal. I want to see if I my eating habits really make a difference.

I did notice a change in my skin in other places. Not only did water help with the breakouts on my face, it also hydrated my skin. Normally I would need to slather on tons of lotion to fight the ashy monster. But I noticed I did not need it as much. It helped that I was sent a bottle of Dial® NutriSkin™ body wash to use for my showering pleasure. I love it!

Although off to a slow start, I am glad to report that I did lose a whopping 2 lbs. That's a huge accomplishment for someone who spends a lot of time in a computer chair. I know...makes me think of pancakes too. {laugh here}

I hope Week 2 brings out the best of me. I'll continue to work on my effort to kick the carbonated drinks. If you see me pick up a can or bottle or a mop, please, smack my hand. And don't worry, it's all smooth now, so I will definitely feel it.

Thanks for sticking around for my journey.

Disclosure: I am a Dial NutriSkin Healthier You member. I have the chance to win an trip to the Canyon Ranch Resort for participating in this program. The opinions and views expressed are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor(s).

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