Create an #InvisibleNasties Craft and Win $100

Several weeks ago, you may have noticed a few tweets, posts, or even a few pictures popping up over the Internet of these big-eyed monsters who come in an assortment of color. They are Invisible Nasties and they may appear to be friendly, but they are actually harmful.

Invisible Nasties are the germs and bacteria that lurk in your tooth brush over a period of time. You never know they are there, but the damage they can do to your teeth will be noticeable. Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months to insure these guys do not harm your smile. Visit the Invisible Nasties website for more information.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my son and I had a ball (literally) creating an Invisible Nasties craft. While we love to do crafts on occasion and can be highly creative at times, this project was unique. Right now, there is a crafts contest being held. Here are the details as found on the site (

To enter our Craft & Learn contest:
  • Create an Invisible Nasties-inspired craft with your kids (for inspiration, check out these Invisible Nasties crafts)
  • Post an image of that craft online (such as in a blog post, on Twitter or on Flickr or other publicly seen platform – use #invisiblenasties as a tag)
  • Post a link back to your image in the InLinkz button below. Make sure the image is on a public platform so we can find a way to contact you if you win – or you can leave a comment with your email and your entry in the comment section as well. But linking your entry to InLinkz is mandatory
Three winners will be selected at random on November 30 from all entries.

Prize: A custom-made Invisible Nasties t-shirt for your child and a $100 gift card will be sent to each winner.
Not only can you use this opportunity to educate your child about the importance of dental hygiene, you can also earn them some cash and a cool t-shirt. They could open a bank account, pick out a special toy, purchase a gift for someone else, or save the money for a rainy day. It's so easy to enter. Just think of it as doing something you love (crafting) and getting a reward for it. You don't have to convince Kaden and I.

We headed to our favorite store, Walmart, to check out the crafts section. We always make a pit stop here. You never know what new project ideas my pop up.

The Dollar Tree also is a great resource for craft supplies. We finished up our purchases there. Overall, we spent a total of $10 to make this entire craft. Here is what we used:
  • 4 rubber balls
  • pom poms
  • pipe cleaners
  • wiggly eyes
  • a foil loaf pan
  • sword for Wii 
  • aluminum foil
 SNC00463 SNC00465
We screwed. We cut. We poked. We created.
In the end, our goal of creating a huge tooth brush with a few invisible nasties was complete.

This craft is actually a game (I'll upload footage later). One person holds the invisible nasties while the other person holds the tooth brush. The object is to catch the invisible nasties before they catch you. We had a blast making this craft and playing the game.

You still have a little time to enter the crafts contest before it ends on 11/30. Head on over to the site for details and ideas (

Disclosure: I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. While I am a member of Collective Bias, the contest is open to everyone and does not help my odds of winning. For more details, please visit the site for more information.



  1. I love your nasties and the toothbrush! Very creative!

  2. @Rachel TillerThanks Rachel. Once we get crafting, it's hard to pull back.

  3. Oh my gosh Keonte'! Those are some awfully cute Invisible Nasties! :) I love them!

  4. @Monica Thanks Monica. We were pleased with the way they turned out. We love playing catch too.

  5. So cute! What a great idea to make the toothbrush for them to "live" in too :)

  6. @Katja Thanks Katja. We wanted something fun and educational. It gets a lot of attention when people see it. They reply, "What did you make now?"


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