Sweat Sports 6 Seat Folding Bench Review

Based out of Los Angeles, Sweat Sports America is a newly established sports brand with specialty in the sport of Soccer. Sweat Sports strives to be the people's brand, created by athletes that have years of experience in both team sports and manufacturing. We are always on the go and try to stay ahead of the competition with the development, research and innovation of new products for the use of fellow athletes all over the world. The Sweat brand values the team concept and wants to create a win-win situation for all our loyal customers around the world in both product quality as well as affordability.

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"Ms. Smith! Ms. Smith! Do you have the bench?!"

It's a little after noon on a Saturday morning and Kaden's soccer team is warming up for a tough game. And by "warming up" I mean seeking me to find "the bench". I see a squirm of yellow shirts heading toward me. For a minute I believe I've forgotten to bring snack. Then I realize they are all after the coveted 6 seat Folding Bench from Sweat Sports.

Image courtesy of SweatSports.com
I brace myself. Naturally, I try to give them a hard time. Looking at those big, bright eyes and adorable smiles, I crack under pressure.

"This is the country fellas. We sit on the ground here...but I do have the bench for you." I smile, and drop what seems like twenty pounds off my shoulder. When Ian can't attend the games (due to work), I carry the handy bag to the field. The bench is an honorary member of the team and a permanent fixture on the sideline.

The boys gearing up for their game.
Since the arrival of the bench, the games have been a little more organized. Have you ever tried to keep track of your child? Now multiply that by thirteen and you have one, chaotic sideline.

At the beginning of each game, we take the 6 seat folding bench out of the bag. You only need one person. It is very easy to unfold.

The bench is perfect for our team. We have a total of thirteen players. Seven players go in at a time. That leaves six to sit on the sideline. If you were an A+ student in school, you probably figured out by now that this bench has just the right amount of seats.

When we are not at the soccer field, the folding bench is great for other events. You can take this to a yard fest, cookout, party, park, etc. Let's just say we keep this in the trunk. You just never know.

Mommy 2K says "Yay" to:
  • The design. Other companies make the same bench, but they do not have a back on them. Children already have poor posture. This allows them to sit up straight. 
  • The quality. This is made well. The mesh design is breathable. This comes in handy for wet weather. The bench took no time to dry. 
  • The color. You can decide from three colors --  royal blue, red, or black. We have black, which goes with everything. 
  • The ease. Only one person is needed to unfold and fold the bench. And it comes in a bag for you to carry it wherever you go. Added convenience. 
Mommy 2K says "Okay" to:
  • The price. At $125, this bench is a little on the expensive side. However, if you were to purchase six individual chairs, you would surely spend that amount, if not more. Besides, Sweat Sports offers FREE SHIPPING when you order. That should save you some money. 
Mommy 2K says "Nay" to:
  • Absolutely nothing. I love everything about this bench. Nothing negative at all about it. 
If you are looking for a unique gift to give to any coach, this should be an option. It's the gift that keeps on giving. It will never let you down, it will just let you sit down...in style.

Disclosure: There was no monetary compensation for writing this post. However, I was provided a 6 Seat Folding Bench for FREE thanks to Sweat Sports. The opinions and views expressed are my own and do not reflect those of the sponsor(s).

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