So What if I Wore My Son's Pajamas...Outdoors!

Fashion has no boundaries. I have quickly learned this while browsing through heaps of magazines with scantily clad models posing in the most awkward positions. Also, the stars make everything seem 'cool'.  Who knew an ace bandage could look so chic?

This is going to sound cliche, but the greatest advice I can give and have been given when it comes to fashion is, "Do what works for you!" Simple enough, right?

Though this can be taken out of context -- meaning spandex should be stretched and not severed when on t he body -- I believe I am pretty open-minded when it comes to what I wear.

Heck, I love my Ugg boots, even if they've been written off in the fashion magazine seasons ago. I'm not quite sure they fall under the fashion category. For me, the fit into the practical section of my life. I can slip them on (without socks), warm my feet (without them sweating), and pair them with just about any article of clothing. I can't figure out why anyone would place this on their "fashion don't" list.

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting dressed to go to a baby shower. There was no pressure, the dress was  casual, and the weather was fairly beautiful. I had an idea of what 'look' I wanted, but my love of procrastination sent me into a panic as I tore the house apart looking for a complete outfit.

I stumbled across my favorite army-green leggings. I love neutral colors. They give me the whole G.I. Jane feel, without the shaven head and life-threatening combat. I was more into the simplicity of my outfit. A no-fuss approach.

I found my leggings and tried them on. They fit perfect. I loved the way they felt. I had scored big-time.

I added a bat-wing styled shirt that, surprisingly, my mom picked out for me. She has good taste, but I rarely give her props. It's sort of an unspoken code that children, no matter the age, are not suppose to thing anything their parents do is cool. I'm learning this on my own journey in motherhood.

So, I begin to iron my outfit. I notice how detailed the leggings are -- nice ban on the bottom, soft cotton, nice color -- and check the tag immediately.

To my surprise, the tag reads, "Joe Boxer 10".
I had somehow managed to wear Kaden's pajama pants for the entire day.

The best thing -- the fit, I looked great in them, and I could wear them straight to bed (lol).

Everyone thought it was hilarious, but they also said, "Do what works for you!" You see, I knew that advice would make it's way back around.

At least I had sense enough to wear my shoes (I can fit a few pair of his flip flops). Check out these babies. They are distressed, stilettos made by NaNa.

So, what do you think. Does Street to Sleep have a future in your fashion world?

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