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Sick happens! It's inevitable. And our family is the biggest group of babies whenever anyone is down for the count. And I mean that literally. We all know Mom never gets a break, but as for the rest of the bunch, they milk it (or Pedialyte it) for what it's worth.

We lose a lot of items in our house --socks, clothes, utensils, bills (purposely), and our cool from time to time. But, none of these items compare to the lost of electrolytes and fluids due to diarrhea and vomiting. Have you seen the state of a child suffering from dehydration and sickness? Let's just say I always want to swap places with them whenever I witness their discomfort.

This is just to illustrate pain.
In regards to age, use Pedialyte under your doctor's supervision.
What do you do when your child needs to replenish fluids and electrolytes? Well, you turn to none other than Pedialyte.

Pedialyte Singles in the Tetra Pak have made it more convenient to nurse your sick child. With easy to consume drink boxes, these singles are sure to deliver the perfect amount of fluids necessary to get the children "back up and running", so to speak. They come in 4-packs and are available in kid-approved tastes of Apple, Cherry, and Fruit flavors.

To take it a step further, the liquid is clear. No need to worry about spills. How great is this?! Someone obviously had busy moms on their mind when constructing a product that heals, is easy-to-use, mess-free, and accepted by children.

Recently, I went shopping for my Pedialyte Singles. With school back in session, there is no time to have  a sick child. Besides, families with little ones know how easily germs are spread from one child to another. It's best to be prepared.

This product may be found near the pharmacy or in the baby section, and may run you about $6.00/4 pk. It will depend on your location. To save you time and money while shopping for this product, the website has an excellent store locator and coupon (you can print it twice).

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Before you go shopping for you Pedialyte needs, use this money-saving coupon from the site:

The Pedialyte site has many helpful resources and links you can use:

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