Life As We Know It Premieres This Friday 10/8

Last Thursday, I was invited to view a pre-screening of "Life As We Know It" thanks to Warner Bros. and  Mom Central. I dragged my SIL (sister-in-law) along with me to Cinemark Egyptian Theatre at Arundel Mills mall in Hanover, MD. The night was rainy, but we arrived safely and on-time (huge accomplishment) for the movie.

I'm a sucker for light-hearted, fun, emotional, and silly movies, or what Ian would call a "chick flick".  He would have immediately declined my invitation to attend this event upon seeing the poster for the movie. I, on the other hand, wanted to see the movie even more after seeing the poster.

Isn't the baby such a sight to see?

About “Life as We Know It”:After a disastrous first date, the only thing Holly, an up and coming caterer, and Eric, a network sports director, have in common is their dislike for each other and their love for their goddaughter Sophie. But when they suddenly become all Sophie has in the world, Holly and Eric are forced to put their differences aside and juggle career ambitions and competing social calendars to find some common ground while living under one roof. Check out the trailer here:

At first glance, the movie caught my eye. We all know the way to a girl's heart is through her sole...a shoe sole that is. Katherine Heigl's characters begins the scene with a gorgeous pair of red pumps that are to die for. I could have left the theatre at that very moment and would have been completely satisfied.

I forgot to mention one, tiny fact. This movie stars Katherine Heigl (Holly) and Josh Duhamel (Eric). You know, two very small-time actors.

Okay, so maybe they are well-known, but that had nothing to do with my appreciation for the low strain on the eyes. I mean, Josh is extremely easy to watch on-screen. And Katherine, well...she's okay. I'd like her even better if she would have accidentally pulled Josh's underwear in the scene shown above.

Just kidding! I love her movies, and especially loved watching her on Grey's Anatomy.

"Life As We Know It" surprisingly took on a bunch of comedic opportunities. What I thought would be a chuckle here and there actually left me smiling long after the joke was over. Deciding to call Josh's character, Eric Messer, by his last name was pretty clever. Try going through an entire movie hearing the name "Mess". That alone was great.

Because I knew the storyline from watching the previews of the movie, I expected there were going to be tears. Without giving away too much, let's just say I put myself in the character's shoes. I knew I was going to cry, so I turned to Kinsey to announce that I was going to cry. Luckily, she's use to this and did what anyone who knows me would do...laugh!

In between wiping my tears from the delicate scenes and bursting with laughter from the male-infused actions of Josh Duhamel, I felt an overall feeling of warmth watching the movie. I'm not sure what I expected, or if I expected anything at all, but it was a great way to divert my attention to the value of life, love, and family.

Holly and Eric went from being the godparents of Sophie, to parents of Sophie overnight. A sudden twist of events changed everyone's life forever. I think about what life would be like if Ian and I went from being Mariah's godparents to her parents. And I find myself not having to think about it at all. She's already a part of us!

Remember to check out "Life As We Know It" at a theatre near you THIS FRIDAY, October 8, 2010. It will warm your heart, make you smile, and hold on tighter to the ones you love.

Disclosure: "I was provided 2 complimentary movie tickets thanks to Warner Bros. and Mom Central. As a thank-you for attending this event, I will receive gift card. The opinions and views expressed are mine and do not reflect those of the sponsor(s)."

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