Excuse Me. What Do You Do Again?

I was reading Sunday's edition of Parade magazine. It comes free in the paper and has a lot of great articles. There is also an online version as well.

The section dubbed CartoonParade always makes me laugh. This week,  however, it was very relevant to my life.

 Image taken from my phone from Parade Magazine.
I thought this cartoon was perfect for today's emerging "hobby". Blogging has existed for several years, but has recently experienced a surge with the help of (I have to say it) "mommy bloggers". Whether you agree or disagree with the title, the minute you talk about your child learning to tie their shoelaces, or how much your breast hurt from feeding your demanding newborn, or how you choose wheat over white bread because it makes a healthier snack for the children, trust me, you'll get the label.

When I tell other non-bloggers that I blog (and their is no claim that I'm any good at it), they respond with one of the following:

  • A blank stare
  • A question of, "what's that?"
  • A simple, "Oh!"
  • A slight fascination mixed with a "tell me more"
  • A "so.do.I.girlfriend!" and a "get out of here!" push on the shoulder
The truth is, we are all story-tellers. Whether we jot down notes in a journal, spend countless minutes on the phone with a friend, serve as a participant on a panel, or indulge in any form of social networking, well face it, we are (b)logging and sharing the memories somewhere. 

Every now and then it's fun to poke fun at this newly found world I've discovered. Some days I laugh at the content I read, while other days I tear-up by the time I finish reading a post. It's the world of blogging as I know it -- extremely diverse, sometimes yielding, and always unpredictable. You never know what you're going to get. Besides, I can see why no one would take seriously a word that still shows up on the spell-check radar. Even it doesn't recognize blogging as something real. 

I always wonder how anyone can judge whether one person has worth over the other. Forget the numbers, the connections, the "popularity contest", the blogosphere is humongous. I discover someone or something new everyday. When someone decided to recklessly pass out free space for all mankind, they should have been a little more careful.

For now, this is my space in the world -- one that I have carved out to reflect who I am. Which reminds me, I need to go pick up a pumpkin and adorn it with a silly face!

See, I can write this without any reasoning. I blog -- about me, the kids, dirty laundry, bad hair, old relationships, new beginningsAnd frankly, that's all you need to know!

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