Smiley Cookie Makes Me Smile

When I see someone smile, it makes me smile too. The same goes for cookies with a smile. I'm always happy to see them. Isn't that "sweet"?

Smiley Cookie's goal is to have you share a smile with the people in your life who are special. Whether you're looking cookie gift baskets, cookie gifts, or you just want to create your own custom cookies, this is the treat for you.

My cookies arrived in one piece (or 12 pieces because I had a dozen of them). They were sealed tight in a plastic container and showed no signs of damage. I opened them immediately and was careful no one else was around. If my son got a glance at these, he would be all over them. I'm still working on my sharing skills.

My Smiley Cookie was buttery, topped with white icing, and finished with a variety of colored smiley faces. I have to admit, they are a bit on the sweet side. If you plan to give one to your child as a treat, I suggest only half and at the appropriate time of day (i.e. no where near nap time).

What you should know about the Smiley Cookie:

  • Preservative-Free
  • They freeze well
  • Soften them in the microwave for 10 seconds
  • Come in other shapes like a heart, flower, fish, star, and more. 
  • Iced by hand
  • Can be found by visiting 

If you are hosting a party, attending a shower, or looking for a special gift for someone, think about Smiley Cookie. After all, I don't know anyone who has ever turned down one!

Disclosure:"This Product Was a Free Giveaway used to facilitate my review from and Smiley Cookie. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this  post. Opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect the opinion(s) of the sponsor(s)."

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