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'The New Adventures of Old Christine' is now in syndication. Syndication, according to the prestigious Wikipedia, is "the sale of the right to broadcast radio shows and television shows to multiple individual stations, without going through a broadcast network." When a show goes into syndication, that's a huge deal. That means five nights a week you can catch Julia Louise-Dreyfus on TV in her brilliant and comedic performance as a newly-divorced, single mother.

If you haven't seen the show before, here's a clip:

About the show (from Warner Bros.):
THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a comedy about a divorced working mom who's juggling the daily stresses of motherhood, work and dating, while maintaining a positive relationship with her ex-husband, which is easier when his pretty new girlfriend isn't around to complicate the picture.  Christine Campbell has a busy life - after all, she's prone to taking NyQuil to get to sleep and leaving voicemail messages to herself in the middle of the night.  She co-owns a women's 30-minute workout gym with her best friend, Barb, and manages to send her 13-year-old son, Ritchie, to a posh private school, where she endures endless encounters with two snooty, condescending stay-at-home moms, Marly and Lindsay.  Her inexperienced therapist brother, Matthew, helps Christine care for Ritchie and serves as her emotional rock.  Christine gets along with her ex-husband, Richard, even better than when they were married, but since Richard's been in relationship with "new" Christine" - making her the "Old Christine" - she feels the pressure to take that same leap.
This show delivers some of the best one-liners I have ever heard. It doesn't hurt that Wanda Sykes stars in it as well. Whether you are a mother, sister, married, unwed, young, old, everyone can take something from this show.

While I have never been married, which would mean I have never been divorced either, I have friends and family who have dealt with this same situation.

Kaden's Dad is very much a part of his life and mine. Even still, I still feel like a single-mother at times. Some say there is no such thing as multi-tasking, but I believe this does not apply to mothers. Every day presents a new challenge. Getting reading for school, finding matching socks, searching for soccer cleats, finding something to eat for dinner, and getting to bed before midnight are almost certain to fall on the "to-do" list.

I admire Christine's sense of humor, which often gets me through most of my days as well. I also have best friends who give me real advice just as the people surrounding her do. This combined effort of laughter and leaning on a friend are sometimes the only way I am able to approach motherhood with a smile.

I do not think parenting is suppose to be easy. We are all going to experience change on a daily basis, or every hour for that matter. Children are a blessing and teach  us valuable lessons. However, as a parent, we must never lose who we are inside of this community we call motherhood. Just like Christine, we must create new adventures with the same 'self' involved.

Tune in to "The New Adventures of Old Christine" 5 days a week!
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Disclosure: "I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'The New Adventures of Old Christine.' The opinions expressed in this post are mine and do not reflect the opinions of the sponsor."

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