Blog is Where the Heart Is

If I was given a jar to fill with all of my worries, well frankly, my jar would runneth over. While we're at it, and to keep with the whole jar theme, I am having trouble finding a lid strong enough to hold down the constant pressures that seep out and pour onto the rest of my life. Oh you gotta love a metaphor. They are much easier to write about than actually having to say the ugly words, or what I like to call, the truth. Agreed?!

What I enjoy about blogging is the ability to escape. Each day, hundreds of e-mails crowd my inbox with sprinkles of opportunities from various online communities, public relations companies, or individuals looking to "spread the word" about a product or service. Whether the pitches are bogus, ridiculous, or down-right too good to be true, you  can't help but feel a little fuzzy inside. To think that something in your day is actually looking up makes it all worth the worry. Well, at least some of it.

This month, or the last few of them, have been more than one person could handle. Even with the constant support of my family and friends, my faith in God, and a daily laugh at my own self, I am often left with a never-ending feeling of affliction.

I have trouble sleeping.
I am breaking-out as if I am re-visiting my adolescence.
I cry.
I don't eat.
I erupt with emotions at the most unpredictable time.
I am not available completely to my family.
I am scared.
I am lonely.

...And I blog.

You may notice that my posts have been spaced apart. Some days I lie in bed and think about all the obligations I have online, and in some strange way I welcome them with open arms.

The fact is, I call blogging home. It's the one place I can go to and have complete control. If I want to capitalize a word incorrectly, I can. If I want to talk about the waffles I ate for breakfast, I can. If I want to pretend like everything is going just peachy, I can. If I want to do all of this in my pajamas, I can do that too. No one will ever know.

And just like my real home, I don't even have to open the door. I can look through the peep hole to see what's going on in the rest of the world.

Just me, the computer, my stories, and my blog. And that is where the heart is...for now!

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