What's Your Milano Moment?

Some days I feel like this guy. I want to take all the energy I have and invest it into eating cookies. Nothing too strenuous, just good old-fashioned cookie-eating. And if the cookie just happens to be a Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Milano cookie, chances are I'll be doing a lot of eating. Me want cookies!

Now that summer is coming close to an end, I've had time to reflect on all the wonderful moments. And while some of them include eating cookies, others are much less about eating at all.

Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to take a vacation. This appears to be a running theme with our summer's lately. We normally head to a local beach and take the whole "staycation" approach, but the water included dangerous levels of pollution. Our trip to Ocean City went awry because of scheduling conflicts, so the beach did not make any appearances this year. Boo-hoo! Let's go eat some Pepperridge Farm Strawberry Milano cookies.

I am bummed about the lack of a vacation, but the summer always brings out the best part of my life -- family. I have a large family. We are very close, loud,  and funny. Did I mention loud? Whenever we get together, there is no shortage of great times and memory-making.

I would have the say the moment from summer that made me stop and savor the sweetness of life was the graduation cookout for my younger cousin. He is a wonderful athlete and is continuing to make strides towards his future in the NBA. 

We spent the days leading up to the cookout putting up tents, preparing food, selecting vendors, and inviting family and friends to join in on the fun. We knew the day was going to be a blast. And it was. 

<-----------Dancing, food, drinks, laughter, music, rain, hugs, and the sweetness of family

Just like a Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Milano cookie, family is that one secret-weapon you can always turn to for comfort. You know that it's such a good thing, you hardly want to share it with others. They are always there when you need them, and always have the right answers (at least most of the time). It's just what you need to satisfy your needs. 

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Tell me, what moment from summer made you stop to savor the sweetness of life?

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  1. Oh you are so not alone, I have Cookie Monster days myself but I've actually never tried a Milano cookie before.


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