T.G.I.Friday's Ready to Serve Cocktails and Fun with the Girls

We all know how expensive it can be to have a few drinks at a restaurant or bar. And, to top it all off, the drinks are not always made to our standards. There is either too much alcohol, too little, not enough chill, way to small glass, or some other reason why there never seems to be a perfect cocktail. What if YOU controlled your drink? The flavor, the amount, the consistency? You can with T.G.I.Friday's ready to serve cocktails.

T.G.I. FRIDAY’S Ready-to-Serve Cocktails. 7.5-12.5% Alc/Vol. T.G.I. FRIDAY’s is a registered trademark of T.G.I. Friday’s of Minnesota, Inc. used under license. Please Drink Responsibly.

Having a girl's night out is a treat. But, having a girl's night in is a pleasure. You don't have to drive, get dolled up, or spend a lot of money. I was contacted by M80 and Diageo to host the ultimate party and serve T.G.I.Friday's ready-to-serve cocktails. I happily obliged.
My circle of friends and I already spends a lot of time at T.G.I.Friday's, so we were familiar with the drinks and foods. To top it all off, I discovered that Essence magazine was in on all the action. A special page on the Essence.com website is dedicated to bringing you great planning ideas from food, music, to atmosphere. You can find the page by visiting http://www.essence.com/tgifcocktails/.

While the recipes on the site are rather easy to follow, I put my own spin on the food. We opted for grilled chicken, hot sausages, hot dogs (I did the grilling, so it's was not spectacular like Ian would have done). And we had tacos to snack on while we waited for the grill food to finish. Of course there was chips and dip. We  We like to mix it up (picky eaters).

The T.G.I.Friday's ready-to-serve cocktails come in an assortment of flavors, 16 to be exact, from Strawberry Shortcake to Mudslide to Long Island Ice Tea. The liquor is already included in the bottle, so just pop it open and pour. Maybe it's because we're "girls" that we enjoyed the fruity flavors more. We also had to pace ourselves. We didn't want to mix too many flavors, so we are definitely going to break out the bottles for another ultimate party. My favorite was Orange Dream in the blender, and I had the perfect cup for it (Thanks to T.G.I.Friday's). 

The night was a hit. Just a few mothers letting go of their inhibitions and leaving domestication as a distant memory. 

Don't forget to check out the Essence.com website for inspiration on your next event. They even have a wonderful playlist that I listen to frequently. 

Disclosure: "I receive a gift card from Diageo, who works with M80, to purchase the items necessary for my ultimate party. All people who attended the party were 21+. The opinions expressed are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of the sponsor. Remember to drink responsibly."

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