I call this Saturday

11:58 AM
Saturday was one of those days. The kind that is never planned, lacking excitement, and full of complete laziness. I was perfectly fine with all of this.

First on the agenda was soccer tryouts. At the age of 8, my son admitted that he was a little nervous about the outcome of tryouts. I, on the other hand, had no doubt. He was placed on a highly-skilled team. Just one more step closer to his World Cup dreams. 

Next, I headed to my parent's house just under 30 minutes away from home. I love taking this drive. The road just rolls up and down a bunch of hills, and each time I discover something new on my route.

My mom has this strange idea that I am still her baby. She always wants to know what we want to eat, what can she do, where can we go together, etc. God must have known I was meant to be an only child. She absolutely spoils me. I can prove it by telling you how she made me this tasty salmon salad. It was to die for and it made me super lazy.

I had no time to rest. The kiddos wanted to play. Kaden, Mariah, Iyana, my mom, and I went for a stroll through the neighborhood.

Kaden wanted to ride his new favorite toy, The Shred Sled. Mariah wanted to ride her bike. Iyana wanted to be pushed in the stroller. My mom wanted to do whatever the kids wanted. I just wanted to take off running back in the house and curl up on the couch. I was pooped.

My love for the outdoors seems to grow stronger each time we spend time playing out there. Time flies when you're having fun. Being outdoors also tires the kids. This is a plus after hours of constant play. We has no shortage of having fun.

We headed back to the house via the neighbor's yard. Everyone is friendly and some are related, so it's no big deal to cut across the yard. It's a great community.

I noticed the neighbor had the most beautiful tree and some fruit trees.

The night ended with the entire family dancing in the garage. These girls know how to party.

That was my Saturday, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Tell me, what do you do on the weekends that is most memorable to you?

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