The First Day of School is Almost Here

We attended a Sneak-n-Peek at my son's school. This was an opportunity to get the school year started off on the right foot and take advantage of much needed preparation. At this event, we were able to:

  • Meet the teacher. This gave us one-on-one time and the chance to ask questions about the upcoming school year. Kaden's teacher recognized us from the summer reading program. She was excited to learn he loves to read.
  • Tour the classroom. Kaden will know exactly where to go on his first day. This will take some of his nerves away. He also knows where his desk is, who he is sitting near, and the set-up of the room.
  • Visit locker locations. I was glad to discover the lockers were too small to fit a body in their. I always have a horrible picture of my son being stuffed in one by some mean bully. Then I realize he's way too cool to have this happen. And, his mother would do some serious damage to the child who did such a thing. Word!
  • Take supplies. Last year, Kaden's book bag was entirely too heavy. He was able to take his supplies in (thanks to #BagItForward from Elmer's and Collective Bias) and place them in his desks. 
  • Catch-up with old friends. Kaden has a lot of wonderful friends. All from different backgrounds, all different races, and all different personalities. This is the perfect mix. He attended a few birthday parties over the summer, so he was able to see some friends. Others are on his soccer team. Some live close-by. Either way, friends are a major part of the school year. 

The Sneak-n-Peek was a success. I enjoyed myself. I was able to meet the parents of Kaden's classmates, chat with his teachers (and ask a billion questions), and watch the excitement in my son's eyes as he reconnected with his environment. He told me he was excited for school to start. The other day he hate it. What a complete 180.

I think Mommy is ready to let go too. That's who really needed this experience the most.

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