I spent Saturday with my best friend and her daughter, who are both my cousins, shopping in Annapolis. We did not really have a planned schedule, just casual browsing in a few shops and the mall. Most of it was window shopping. That's the best way sometimes.

Look at how sweet she is?! Yeah right, look at her behind my head!

We headed to Old Navy and I snagged a cute pair of sandals for Mariah for $4.47. I know summer is ending, but I could not resist. Besides, we still have a few more warm days and I can easily save them for consignment.

Next, we headed to Justice. Let me tell you, when I entered this store, I felt like a kid again. It was filled with so much, well, STUFF.

If you have never been to Justice before, you should go. The stores are located in just about every state. You can also shop online, so be sure to sign up for their exclusive email for news and discounts.

Even though Justice is a store for girls ages 7-14, I managed to snag a few goodies. I spent a lot of time in the clearance section getting great deals. My items would have totaled over $70, but I only spent $6. I walked away with two sets of Bumpits. No worries, they aren't for me (even though I love me some Snooki from Jersey Shore). I know a few people who are dying to get their hands on one.

Justice even had their Zhu-Zhu Pet collection on sale. We all know how much of a fan I am. I was in heaven.

Mariah is too small to fit anything in the store, but until she reaches that age, I'll just have to scope things out for her. I don't think I'll have any problem handling this task.

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  1. I just discovered Justice and I did some back to school shopping there. We had a blast!! Yes they are very expensive but we came armed with our 40% off coupon AND we got $40 back in additional coupons. Both me and my daughter left happy. I love that they have the extended sizes for my well-rounded young lady!


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