10 Tips for Saving Money During the Back-to-School Season

I participated in the Staples Do Something 101 School Supply Drive campaign last year. Whenever an opportunity involves children and education, I jump at the chance to help.

Now, after three years, the program is still running and doing rather well. In fact, the first two drives raised nearly $1 million dollars for local charities to purchase back-to-school-supplies. Staples even made additional donations. That is impressive.

I've been involved in other back-to-school initiatives as well. What I have learned from all of them is that giving is easier than we think. At a time where everyone is experiencing some form of economic hardship, I think it is important we come together to keep each other afloat. Purchasing school supplies for those in need is no different. Here are my 10 Tips for Saving Money During the Back-to-School Season (so that you can purchase a little more for another child):

  • Shop Early. Stores usually have special early-bird deals. Not only are the prices great, but so is the shopping experience. You can avoid the crowds and costs. 
  • Buy only what you need. Most schools provide a supply list catered to the needs of your child. Do not purchase unnecessary items. Stick to the plan. 
  • Clip Coupons. They are always your best friend. Stack a coupon on top of an amazing deal and you may get some items for nearly free. Browse the blogosphere for great coupon blogs.
  • Buy in Bulk. If you have more than one child, buy items in bulk so that they can share common items. If you only have one child, give the extra to another child. Sometimes bulk items are cheaper per item.
  • Hunt Your House. You'd be surprised to know that school supplies are all over the house. In fact, I stumbled upon unused glue sticks, notebooks, and pencils while cleaning my son's room.
  • Buy When You See. You don't have to shop only during the back-to-school season. If you see a great deal, buy the items and save them. They'll be there when school starts. 
  • Share, Swap, Trade. We share car rides, we swap recipes, and we trade tons of items with the neighbors. Why not do the same with supplies?
  • Seek Resources. Our school district has programs in place that assist families who cannot afford back-to-school supplies. See what sources are available to you.
  • Enter a Giveaway. Around this time of year, tons of websites and blogs offer some amazing giveaways. Enter a bunch and see what can happen. You could win all that you need. 
  • Shop Smart. Just because a store is your favorite, that doesn't mean it always has the best deals. Shop around, compare prices, and take advantage of price guarantee policies.
These are my tips, but I am sure there are more. Please, consider donating to help a child in need. Every little bit counts.

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So, what are you waiting for? Do Something!

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