Staycations Are Still Popular

At least for my family.

'Staycation' became a popular term a few years ago when the economy begin to take a dive for the worst. It's the idea that a family, or anyone for that matter, can take advantage of activities in their home state for a fraction of the costs associated with extravagant out-of-state trips.

Staycations can be short-term or long term. They can be in your backyard, a couple of towns over, or a few hours away. Even better, you control how much you are willing to spend. And, there's no contract to sign (hopefully). The idea is that you stay close to home.

Staycations can include, but are not limited to:
  • camping outdoors in your backyard or at a local campground

  • relaxing in a hotel and visiting their spa

  • hitting an amusement park for the entire day

  • exploring some of the local restaurants in your area

  • hitting the beach for a day of fun                                          (Atlantic Oceanfront Inn

  • The possibilities are endless if you think about it. The only ingredient you need for the perfect Staycation is fun! If you have children, you know that a little entertainment goes a long way. If a child is having fun, it doesn't really matter what state their in.

    We are heading to Ocean City, MD next week. It's one of Maryland's greatest attractions. Our local high school seniors have flocked to this beach for years to celebrate their 'freedom' from high school and initiation into the real world. Don't worry, this is only during a specific time of year. I can't guarantee you won't run into character or two. Fortunately, this is not the Jersey Shore!

    Ocean City, MD is a wonderful mix of people, local and non-local. There are several activities for the family, lots of great food, and a miles of beach to enjoy. Really, that's all I need. It helps that our accommodations have been taken care of by the Atlantic Oceanfront Inn. We'll be right near the boardwalk. I'll toast to that.                      

    Our Staycation will be just enough to entertain our senses.

    What are you planning to do in the next, few weeks?

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