Oh Happy ( Independence ) Day!

4:44 PM
She signed up for this. Crossed her heart as a declaration of her love.

Defied her mother. Shattered her friendships. Burned every bridge imaginable.

He was her first love. The world stood still when they were together. Nothing or no one else mattered.

Every minute was spent. Their time together was priceless. She felt the wealth of love and would do anything for him.


She covered up the marks he left. She rejected anyone who disliked him. She prettied up her open wounds with half smiles and bright eyes. She numbed the pain with denial.

This was her battlefield and she refused to let intruders take over.

They fought hard. Verbally. Mentally. Physically. All of these attacks left her fighting for freedoms that were once in place. Now, she was left in the trenches of despair, not knowing if she would make it through.

Finally, the smoke cleared, and all that remained were the dreams she had killed.

She wept, on her knees. Looked up and prayed to a real man.

Her heart was beating. Her head was throbbing. Her mind was racing.

She had pulled the trigger on love. The bullet pierced through her reality and exploded like fireworks.

There was silence. She trembled and was visibly shaken from her decision.

Love had left a scar, but it would also heal it.

She found herself. Hidden in her body was a spirit waiting to be released. She had finally done it.

Happy Independence Day!

Here is one of my favorite songs. Enjoy your day. Celebrate independence from abuse, pain, ownership, anything. Let Freedom Ring!

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