Chris MANNfans Do it Again

4:16 PM
Tamara (left) and Mommy 2K (right) celebrating a friend's birthday

Well, well, well, Chris has done it again. This time, one just wasn't enough. He needed a whole set of videos to get his point across. I guess the topic was very important to him. Hmmmm, what is he talking about now?

Awhile back, Chris asked his MANNfans to send in party pics. I had such a blast working on "Heartless", (1:33) that I decided to go for it again. This time we are in another region of the body. Can you say, "WOW"?!

Chris has 3 new videos out for George Michael's "I Want Your Sex". Let's just say I must have gotten a different memo than some of the other participants. There pictures are, well, you'll see for yourself.

Here's the video. See if you can spot my picture. I'll give you a hint, 0:44.

Warning: If your children are near the computer, you may not want to push play. Some pics are a little racy. Even I started to blush.

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