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12:44 PM
Search Amazon.com for disney princess nightgownIt's been awhile since I did a post on Wordless Wednesday. I'm not making any promises, but I will attempt to join all the fun again.

This weekend was nothing short of exciting. Mariah and Kaden provided tons of material for my never-ending adventure in motherhood.

From the kitchen I hear Kaden saying to Mariah, "You're going to suffocate it!" 

It's Mariah and her YooHoo & Friends

Mariah:"You can't even pick me up Kaden." Kaden:"Yes I can. You're like 10 lb. dumbbells." 

World's Strongest Man

Mariah chanted this all night: "I am OPTIMUS PREY!" #Fail

I take it she is over Dora.

She's always a ball of fun. Even with bed hair and a snotty nose.

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  1. What a little cutie!

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