Wii Discovered a Great Deal

5:17 PM
I was on Twitter today, like I am most days, and wonderful deal came across the screen via @frugaladventure:

I clicked on the link immediately and headed over to the Office Depot site to catch this great deal. I noticed there were only 8 games for sale. Not that great of a selection, but at $8.99 a piece I could not resist.

I picked 3 games, added them to my cart, and put in the promo code. Just as I was about to checkout, I decided to maximize my savings and head on over to ebates.com. I added another 2% cash back to the deal. Sweet! Here's how my cart looked:

The titles are not the greatest, but playing the Wii is always entertaining. These make great birthday gifts too.

If you want to take advantage of this excellent deal, all you have to do is enter the following PROMO CODE at checkout:

58579807 for 1 game and FREE SHIPPING or
32638620 for 3 games and FREE SHIPPING

You must hurry. This deal ends today!

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