What's Missing from CH_ _ CH? UR

10:56 AM
This riddle gets me every time. It is a fun way to say that your presence in church is lacking. But, no need to worry. There is always time to redeem yourself.

This pass Sunday, I was suddenly awakened out of a deep slumber. I felt like someone was literally whispering in my ear to, "Go to church." Now, I am not the holiest of people, but when He calls, I'm there.

I entered church, in a new Elle dress via the Thrift store for $4.95, and sit in a pew all by myself. There is a family behind me, and two people in front of me. This is the last mass of the day, so it is not as crowded as the earlier masses.

Mass begins. I am quickly taken aback by all of the rude behavior taking place before me.

  • The couple in front of me are whispering the whole time. The man is changing all of the prayers to say, "many" when the prayers says, "all". His counterpart keeps tapping him.
  • The priest invites everyone to come inside the church instead of gathering in the lobby. He calls it "virtual reality" when people come to church, but do not take part in the service. Everyone turns to look at them. It is embarrassing to say the least.
  • During the "Peace Be With You" part of service, I go to shake the ladies hand in front of me, and she refuses to shake mine back. Yet, she utters the words as if she is in fact at peace. I said a prayer for her.
  • The baby near the front of the church is crying uncontrollably. Instead of taking the child out, the parent insist on calming him. It does not work.
  • A group of children coming back from Sunday school decide it's more fun to keep opening the side door of the church instead of joining the service. The sun beams into my eyes each time, and service in interrupted.
So, the riddle begs the question, "What's missing from CH _ _ CH? The answer is U R (you are), but it's clear that manners, respect, and common sense are too. Thank God for forgiveness.


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