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Thanks to Team Mom, the children were geared up for Summer with equipment from Backyard Safari Outfitters. There are over 30 pieces in this collection. We were given 3 essential field gear items to try-out. They included:
  • Cargo Vest ($19.99)
  • Mega View Periscope ($24.99)
  • Bug Vacuum ($19.99)
We wasted not time tearing into this adventure. It's was a jungle out there, literally, if you could have seen our backyard. Technically it was our side yard, but from the looks of them I would not want to claim either one. Looks like we need a mower, but it's perfect for scoping local "wildlife".

Backyard Safari Outfitters is perfect for us. Living in a rural area you have to use your imagination a lot. Unless you have your own swing set, water slide, or trampoline (none of which we have), you are left with the option to drive to a location that does or make fun yourself. We like to do the latter.

With Backyard Safari Outfitters, children are forced to be active. You can't really go on a search for insects and bird if you're standing still, so moving around is a huge part of this activity. That is a plus.

Although this gear looks as though it is catered to boys, don't be afraid to let your little girl get "down and dirty" in this adventure. Equipped with lots of pockets, this vest is perfect to carry your other essential belongings and pop-up field guide. Mariah wanted in on the action. She put the vest on and decided it was suitable to pose.

 Who says you can't wear a cargo vest with purple jellies and a flower skirt? Not us.

Kaden liked the Bug Vacuum the best. I think he gets his love for insects and bugs from me. I touch them, I release them, and I've taken out a few in my lifetime. But for the most part insects are cool to examine. Just as long as they aren't spiders. I draw the line there. He caught Fireflies the first time he used the Bug Vacuum. He brought the container, that houses the insects, into the house and put them directly in my face. Gotta love boys!

We had a little difficulty with the periscope. There was no real way to keep it from falling back down once you stretch it out. The children were frustrated and wanted to give-up. I told them to extend it all the way and to be gentle when using it. Kaden said he nose hurt from resting the eye piece on it. I'm not sure if he was telling the truth, or he just wanted to escape the heat. He did get enough of a glimpse of me to say, "Mom, your head is so big." Well that, I already knew.Perhaps we'll get a chance to try it in the water.

All of the items are for ages 5 & Up.

Besides the actual gear, the Pop-Up Essential Field Guide was a great addition to this review. It is made to fit in a pocket, preferably the front pocket of the cargo vest. There are some 'essential' field tips that include:
  • Wear Proper Clothing
  • Travel With Others
  • Pack Emergency Gear
  • Explore Safely
  • Carry Water & Food
  • Know Where You're Going
  • Clean Up After Yourself
  • Be Kind To Nature
  • Be Responsible
  • Tell Your Parents
If I wasn't mistaken, those are great lessons for life. Way to go Backyard Safari Outfitters.

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If you want to purchase any of the essential gear items from this post, or others, please visit Summit Toys. You can also shop at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble,, and Target.

Disclosure: "I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. All items were provided free of cost. The opinions in this post are mine, and do not reflect the opinions of  others."

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