Peanut Butter and Jellies

12:43 PM
Some things remind me of my childhood.

Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches ring a bell, accompanied by a tall glass of milk with ice.

I remember double-dutch with my neighborhood friends- the continuous back and forth head motion as I waited for just the right moment to jump-in.

Climbing the apple and pear tree in the backyard to get the juiciest fruit makes me want to hit-up the produce aisle at the grocery store. They would never compare though.

As I search through my closet and look at the diverse collection of shoes I own, there is one pair of sandals that make me feel nostalgic. A pair of gold, gladiator-style jellies show great signs of wear because they have emerged as my favorite. Not worrying about coolness or political correctness (in the fashion world that is), I love the way the make me feel. And they are very comfortable might I add.

I recently discovered Melissa, a shoe company that carries some of the most fashion-forward jellies (plastics) you can imagine. Take a look at a few that I like (all images courtesy of the Melissa website):

Ashanti Ankle Boot $129

Lady Dragon Love Heart by Vivienne Westwood $150 

Acqua $79

Magic $150

These are a bit pricey for my liking, but it's nice to see that as we grow-up, so do the fashions from our childhood. Now, I won't feel so childish when I say I'm wearing a pair of jellies...or sporting a moustache while enjoying my milk and PB &J.

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