I'm Back with Aquafina Flavorsplash and Mom Central

6:01 PM
(Me and Tamara at the MomCentral/Aquafina event)

...as if you even missed me.

I took a little break from blogging and dedicated more time to my "real" life. Not to say that blogging is not a part of my life, but it mostly focuses on what is popular at the moment. From reviews to giveaways to linkies, I just had to take a step back and say, "I'm outta here."

But, you know what they say. If you love something, let it go. If it comes back it's yours, and that's how you know it's for keeps, yeah it's for sure. Errrrrr...maybe they is really Christina Aguilera. At any rate, I'm back.

Thursday night, I was invited to a blogging event sponsored by Pepsi and Mom Central. In an effort to promote their latest drink, Aquafina Flavorsplash, a group of influential bloggers attended Red Maple in Baltimore, MD. I still am puzzled as to why I was invited, but even I'm no fool. An invite is an invite, and this girl will never say no to a par-tay!

Immediately upon arrival, I attacked the food. We just made it in time for trivia. Did you know that a pineapple is an apple?! I mean, duh, but I never really looked at in that way. I learned a lot about fruit, and I know Aquafina Flavorsplash mixed with fresh fruit makes a great drink.

I was fortunate enough to have my cousin tag along with me. She is not a blogger, but very influential in my opinion. I think in general, women are influential, so it was great to have someone to talk to all night.

I do not consider myself shy, just extremely guarded. I want to talk to women who are truly -genuine and down-to-earth. I would say that the group of women in attendance all filled this role. Although we were in separate groups throughout the evening, there was no shortage of mingling, laughter, and picture-taking.

I enjoyed getting back to blogging, and what a great place to start. Did I mention I consumed at least 1000 calories from all the wonderful hors d'oeuvres that night? This includes the mousse-filled strawberries which I attempted to stash in my purse.

Not to worry. I left empty-handed, but I did take some swag home. Mom Central and Aquafina were gracious enough to give each mom a reusable, insulated bag, several Aquafina Flavorsplash-scented lip balms, coupons for free bottles of water, and a few for the road. Can't you see the excitement in my pose?

How do you "Flavor Your Day" was the theme of the night. In my normal witty manner, I suggested that I take a shot of Patron for that. However, I really just laugh and drink plenty of water along the way. Aquafina Flavorsplash is ideal for families who do not drink enough water yet they want to enjoy something with flavor. This is a great drink for children as well. They don't even have to know it's good for them.

Overall, I had a blast. Now, can someone tell me why the garage attendant held us captive to tell us how stunning we looked? Spooky!

Disclosure: “I wrote this post after attending an event sponsored by Aquafina FlavorSplash and Mom Central. I received FlavorSplash goodies and a gift card as a thank you for posting.”

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  1. How fun!!! And that food sounds soooo good :)
    I wish there were events in my area! But I am planning on making a trip to Austin in October to the 'bloggy bootcamp.' Well, I say that now!
    Hope you've had a great weekend :)


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