Happy Memorial Day

10:32 AM
On Memorial Day, we celebrate the soldiers who died for us while serving our country. We also remember those people in our lives who are now deceased by visiting their graves. Three of my relatives are buried within feet of each other at a local cemetery in Maryland. Yesterday was for them too.

My cousin was killed by a motorist, just feet in front of his home. He was only eleven years old.

My uncle died when I was in middle school. I remember getting off the school bus, and seeing all the cars in the yard. He has a great sense of style.

My grandfather died a few weeks before Christmas. He was a great laborer and wonderful craftsman. He called me, "Keen". He will be greatly missed.

Let us never forget the ones we love! Happy Memorial Day.

Check out this wonderful video by Trey Songz called, "Yo Side of the Bed."

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